This is Meera
I attended P.V.H , class 6 months ago, Deepa ji teach us about chakra,s balancing and aura cleansing,since childhood I am suffering from black magic, occult energy and fmly issues, as we all know, karma is everything, i regularly read forgiveness affirmation, its really help me to balance my karma, yes frnds I saw magical changes in my fmly, The people who hates me,don't want to see my face, they suddenly, start talking with me, loving , caring me,now I am able to get removed magic, s or occult enery, s,, balance my karma and increase my spiritual powers with the help of Deepa ji, and founder of the whole power, Shiva sir
I regularly read affirmation for my sister,and past life all the mates,,once I feel like I am hungry, I keep on eating, for 2 days, then I call Deepa ji,, she heal me and same time I felt something getting removed and finish , with in 2 mins,
Again thanks to Deepa ji -she always gave me time

Once my son stop going to school, 4 months ,regularly,I daily took him in the morning but he do not want to entered the class room, he sit on reception and keep on crying ,, every body convinced him,, teachers , classmates, me,, sometime by
shouting on him sometime loving him, I got very tensed about my son's future, but I just balance his chakras and and mental body , that it,, thnks to Deepa ji and Shiva ji,, with knowledge of all these I am able to finish my all the problems, for rest of my life
Deepa ji is centre of our life ,, solving our problem, listening us,, and giving us her precious time , and dedicated her life to show us real karam,
Slp:thnks to
Sai Amit ji: ,,who suggested me P.V.H class
Deepa ji:who teaches us
Mr Shiva sir:Founder of P.V.H

Delhi, India

Dear Brothers and Sister,

This is a genuine approach to healing yourself , your loved ones and friends without touching money. What is more beautiful than its compared to other modallty of healing is a no touching the body in involved. Furthermore, you can do distant healing as well by visualising the person and calling out his name. This Divine Energy of God Almighty or also called Prana or Lifetron by Pramahansa Yogananda spreads out all the world, universe, astral and causal worlds. It is now offred with love, free of charge, by the originator of this form of healing by Mr.Siva.P who has much to help suffrering humanity to learn how to heal themselves first before healing others.

Ir Yap Teong Aun @ Kannan

Kuala Lumpur

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Healing of White, Grey and Black Magic


September 2012

Respected Siva Sir,

This is my Experiences after connecting with Violet Prana Healing.

I am Parveen Verma, fromRewari,Haryana, India.My family and I  were connected to Prana Violet Healing through Ms Sulbha (sister of Ms Deepa Swami ), for the last 0ne& half year  i was under oain and taking 2 or three pain killers daily or every time suffering with many problems related to health & some family problems. Siva sir told me on my all parental family suffering with black magic and witchcraft which was done by my close relatives, by god grace and the Prana Violet helaing technique all thye negative energies caused by the black magics were  remove  me & my sister. I do not use any pain killer anymore.

Before meeting Prana Violet healing, I  some times in the dream I see some one throwing  me from the height or sometimes I see myself in the water & crying for help. Through the Prana Violet Healing I was told of my  past life's truth that some body throw me from the height into the water. After one healing session I do not  see this type of dreams ever since the healing and it has been almost last one years.

After connecting this Parana healing I got a good news,  after 10 years of my first baby my wife was pregnant. We know this news very late after 5 months pregnancy. But my wife's relative were not happy and were jealous  with this news, one very close relative did black magic on my wife to disturb her pregnancy as a result, when we did the doctor for checkup there was something wrong with the baby with the first ultrasound. The doctor  suggest me for colour ultra sound, which we did and the Doctor found there was a  shadow in the baby's heart. We  are shocked and were very worried. We consulted Prana Violet Healing immediately and it was confirmed that there were black magic on my wife and child. The black magic was remove by distant and we were asked to repeat the colour ultrasound one week later and to our surprised there were no shadow or any problem with our baby.

In my working environment I was undergoing some difficulties with my company MD who is a Japanese person and he was not happy with mebecauseI am always arguing with him on the matter of cleanliness, but Japanese persons are very conscious about cleaning ( 5 S is a system of Japanese Company ) I read the forgiveness affirmation provided to me by Prana Violet for my MD everyday and after reading all the problems are finish. Both of us are now friends and I keep the place clean as he requires.

My 10 month son was very ill and was admitted to the hospital due to very high fever. The fever was s high that he was experiencing fits and doctor has said that the high fever has affected the brain. When we check with Prana Violet Healing, we were told someone from my office has been very jeolous and have send very negative enegy to me and has affected my son badly. The negative energy was removed after I asked for forgiveness from the staff of my office. My son stated recovering immediately after that,

 All the test was dine on him i.e Blood reports, CT Scan , EEG are normal.

All this healings were done from Malaysia and we live in India.

God is not come for help but he send his angel in the form of Prana Violet Healing..

We are very thank full to the GOD, Prana Violet Healing & Mr. Siva.P and  sir we hope me and my family will be continuously be protected from all the negative energies.

God Thank-you thank you thank you.


The Verma Family

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Removal Of Black Magic – workshop New Delhi, India


Dear Sir,

I and my wife attended prana violet  healing workshop at Delhi about 5 months back, I  had a multitude of problems at that time .Mr.Siva diagonised this as black magic, me being the 1st one to be healed in the New Delhi workshop subsequently I attended 2 more workshops in New Delhi, after the 1st session itself, my health started improving and now I have regained my normal health. .Mr.Siva is highly knowledgeable, kind and humane person and his main focus is on teaching people how to heal themselves as well as fellow beings independently all the Prana and healing accessories are given free of charge

I sincerely thank Mr.Siva for solving all my problems and propagating this method of healing also reducing medical costs on doctors this sort of healing also helps people physically, mentally and spiritually and also prevents the problem from recurring.

Looking forward for another session in New Delhi


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Black Magic From Workplace – Workshop New Delhi, India

September 2012

PVH, or Prana Violet Healing, something that has now become an indispensable part of my life.

 I was introduced to  Siva sir and PVH by my friend Deepa. She told me that it works like magic. It was hard to believe in the beginning, but it does.

I was suffering from a medical condition for 2 years wherein I had a lot of bleeding during my periods. It continued sometimes even for 40 days. First the doctor put me on hormones but after sometime the only option which they told was hysterectomy. I was mentally preparing myself for that when by the grace of God, I met Siva sir. He told me that I was getting cords( negative energy) from some of my relatives. Also there was some occult energy coming from one of them .He asked me to ask forgiveness, so that the cords would be removed. Siva sir removed the occult energy. After that amazingly my periods became normal and continued for many months.

In November 2011, my maid who had been working for me since 7 months told me that her husband had not been keeping well for quite sometime. They had tried all medicines, nothing was working and that she wanted to go to her village for 7 days, because somebody had told her to take her husband there to get something done. I consented.

After 4 days I heard the news that my maid’s husband had expired. It came as a shock. 2 days later, I came to know that even my maid had expired. It was a double shock and even I was very depressed and sad. My periods again became worse and I again started medication and again the doctor asked me to go in for hysterectomy.

Somehow I again met Siva sir who had come to Delhi for a workshop. I met him and told him everything. He told me that their was a  negative soul in the house sent by someone who had done black magic on my maid and her husband (his relatives). They had died because of that. Since the soul was still in the house, it was affecting me. Sir removed the soul, and cleaned the house. After that as expected things became fine again for several months. All these healing was done from a distant without visiting my home.

Few months back again the same problem occurred. This time everybody in the house got affected. My husband who generally keeps quite well became quite unwell. Both my sons had high fever, ear pain and what not. My bleeding again became worse and I felt I was almost going to die.

Deepa helped me to contact Siva sir, who was not even in India. Sir found out that this time some of my husband’s colleagues had done black magic on him because they were very jealous of his promotion in his new work place. He told that there were 7 souls in the house. Because of that every body was affected. Sir asked my husband to contact him. My husband called him, identified those people and asked forgiveness. Sir removed his black magic while talking to him on the phone itself. He cleaned the house. After that he healed me for 5 days continuously and saved all our lives.

After that, things gradually fell in place.

I am very very thankful to Siva sir, PVH and my friend Deepa for everything.

Arnika ( New Delhi, India )

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Black Magic From Business Partners – Workshop Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Dear All,

 I am pleased to inform you that  fortunately I was able to attend Siva.P 2 days free workshop in Coimbatore, got healed and also learnt Prana Violet Healing.

 I must thank first Deepa Madam for introducing Siva.P  to my rescue when I was wallowing in mental agony due to my wife's suicidal death.

As advised by Deepa madam, I wrote to Mr.Siva.P about my wife's death and my situation. When I spoke to him on phone last month, he was in Malaysia and I in India. He saw in his vision and told me that my wife's suicidal death was caused by the blackmagic done by my past business partners and her soul was in a trap surrounded by spirits. Over phone itself, he scanned my in-laws, house and found 10 spirits. He told me that to help me first I need to forgive everyone- even the partners! Only after my reading of Forgiveness Affirmations from his website, he did the procedure and facilitated immediately the elevation of my wife's soul to light world and removal of all the black magic that was present.

In just minutes he also removed all the spirits from the house. He assured and pacified me that I don't need to worry anymore on her. This happened last month over telephone!

Last week when Deepa madam informed me about his Coimbatore workshop, I went there and met him. There were a total of 170 people at the 2 day workshop. The first day was on Prana Violet Healing and the second day workshop was on Black Magic. What was taught on these 2 days  were as follows :

 On Day 1:

 All theoretical explanations were given on Prana and Prana Violet Healing method, which insists on  Self-acceptance, Confessions, and give and take of Forgiveness, without which no healing is possible according to him. Mere reading of the affirmations even silently is doing the wonder to the Aura of healing and expansion of the aura. It was demonstrated that even saying good (appreciation, thanks, even saying holy verses) and bad (scolding, criticizing, hurtful comments) words also has it's own positive and negative effect in one's energy field, water in a glass and health! It was amazing to see how just saying holy verses of any religion increases the energy field. We saw the demo on The

  Power of Words, Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind. Free tea and Lunch was offered to all participants. Siva sir just scans through his mere vision and instantly says what is the root cause of the problem issue ( Grey Magic, Black Magic, White Magic by negative people, religious gurus, spells, curses, angry incoming / outgoing cords) and asks the sufferers first to read the prescribed, given affirmations, then he removed all those negative forces enmasse in just few minutes. He removed also the very recent blackmagic done to me by a lady whose sole interest was to marry me and to kill my daughter, because she is strongly opposing me marrying to that lady. Again I had to forgive her by affirmations, and he immediately removed the blackmagic from me and my daughter (though she was not there, distance healing was done to her)! What a great escape from an unknown danger which was hovering on us! He taught and alerted us on so many points, taking references from our ancient traditions..

Day 2:

 Aura cleansing, reading, chakra cleansing, energizing / healing techniques were taught and hands-on practical were done under his supervision and guidance. From that healing session onwards, the dull, drowsy, heavy body pain and anguish all disappeared! I am still wondering after coming back home, how all people were healed on one-to-one basis and how Siva sir could generate his profound energy to do untiring unconditional total free service to all. Hats off to him! If I don't thank such selfless kind people, then there is no meaning in being a human.

He even taught how we can talk to our own body organs, thankfully, appreciating and get them healed. He is a bundle of prana and humaneness.

Many ladies got healed on the stage, after forgiving their relatives / colleagues etc. On hearing his wonderful healing, even a local temple priest came to him and got healed. He insists not to follow anyone like blind lambs or join groups to hurt or harm others under whitemagic.

It's all beyond words and writings. Personal experience alone can explain many things. Neither Siva sir nor the Organizers expected anything or even cared for thanks from us. There was a sudden surge of more newcomers sitting pathetically for healing, which the great untiring master was smilingly   doing unconditionally, even after the official closing time. I took my Wands given by him to all, by using which we can do selfhealing, healing others, distant healing, healing homes, crystals & gems. As told by himself, I limit my praising of him. My thanks to Siva sir for healing so many old tearful ladies, men, youngsters. I thank Dr.Jain and others in MPL forum for giving this decent platform where I got kind contacts especially Deepa madam. May God bless all of us.

Best regards,

Shafie M ( India )

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Other Healings

About Prana Violet Healing – Workshop New Delhi, India

August 2012

New Delhi India.

Dear Siva P.  Ji

Thanks a Lot for giving me an opportunity to attend today’s workshop on  Violet Healing. My journey started towards Healing around 20 years back, starting from Mind power, Reiki , Pranic Healing etc. I met you first during Life Positive Exhibition in 2011 for a very brief period , you were surrounded by number of folks and your juniors were not able to explain properly the difference between your “ Brand “of Healing and Others.

Today, on the invitation of Ms Deepa ji , I thought of attending  your workshop.

What you are doing is simple, wonderful and practical method, based on the following basic principle:

Soul (our Own Consciousness) Orders, Thought Follows;  

Thought Orders, Energy Follows;

Energy Orders, Blood Follows (In our body & we are Healed);

Energy Orders, Manifestations happen (In our Physical World);

Energy Orders, Relationships Improve (In our emotional World).

If Energy Stagnates, we suffer by way of Diseases, money, relationships etc. and blame either ourselves or others.

Then you have integrated the 5 most fundamental aspects :-

1. Rolling tongue over Palate

2. Balancing of 3 Nadis

3. Attitude of gratitude towards your own cells & organs ( along with the your closest relations )

4. Oneness with the Supreme

5. Forgiveness & Forgetting

Your dedication, energetic approach &  commitment  to reach out to the common man without expecting anything in return in Monetary Terms is a VERY RARE IN TODAY’s WORLD.

You are a Blessed Soul and if I associate with you in your mission, it will be my pleasure.

Rakesh Ralli

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 Removing Emotional Cords – New Delhi, India


Dear siva sir,

Thanks a ton. I learnt a lot from you during the workshop in New Delhi, please accept my sincere gratitude.

I kept troubling you regarding my brother and my father's family. you helped to know that they have black magic on them.

I have asked them to start with forgiveness affirmation. I only hope and trust that they will be soon out of all the troubles and get healed soon. please do send your blessings for all this.

  You are healing and serving the mankind and spreading the message of forgiveness in the humanity in very practical way (the chord disappears) which leaves no space for doubt. It reminds me of the practicals in my science lab. For the first time I understood how our emotional issues are creating chords and troubling our lives and how affirmations increase our energy immediately.

 You have added to the advancement in my spiritual journey. once again thanks a ton.

 God bless you !

Manisha Kumar

New Delhi India

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Comments On I AM Meditation – New Delhi, India


Hello Siva!
I wanted to thank you for the healing workshop that you conducted in Delhi at Bhai Veer Singh Sansthan. I learned a lot from it and may God bless you for doing the work that you are doing.

I also wanted to let you know that I thought you have really good, bright and clear energy. I could see the Prana emanate from your aura the other day and I was surprised that you did not look or feel tired even at the end of the session!

I remember that you had a big poster at your Life-Positive Expo stall which had a powerful I AM daily meditation on it that you said would help me to do my healing work without feeling tired or drained. I am writing to request you to email me that affirmation as you said you would. Also, there was a slide that you showed about not taking on the karma of the patients which is not in the workbook that you gave us. I would be highly obliged if you could also email me the content of that slide so that I can overcome my fear of taking on the patient's karma.

Blessings and Thanks!
Henna Datta.

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Delhi India


Teaching Son To Healing With The PHW - India


Dear Sir, 

 Today I taught my son how to use PVW and heal. He learnt very quickly, sensed my aura, found my liver chakra longer due to heavy lunch today and did the healing, after which immediate relief I am feeling. The Wand is wonderful and magical! Thanks to you. I am going to help all whoever is in need of healing by introducing to you, as and when they approach me by email. It's so easy, simple and very effective. Really it's God sent help to all of us.

Best regards.

Shafie M ( India )

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Healing Uric Acid / Emotion Problems – Chennai, India


1st email

Dear sir,

I am Chidambaram from Chennai India. Last week I attended your healing class at Chennai. My right leg was so pain at the time now clear 80%. Daily practice continue as your advice at the healing class.

Right leg foot thumb will effect so pain, one Homeo Doctor treat and advise by the cause of accident sudden uric acid was formed that is the reason for pain. I remember you telling at the healing class about the pain due to uric acid content.

Please heal to me for pain relief at with your blessings.

Thank you and thank to god, thank you and thank to god, thank you and thank to god,

with warm regards,



On 6/29/12, Chidambaram SV <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > wrote:

 Ayya Vanakkam,

 I am S.V.Chidambaram, from Chennai, one of your healing student.

 Now I am everything is  ok on my right leg pain problem due to uric acid

 content has subsided. Now I am pain relief free. All thanks to my healing master

 SIVA.P . thank you so much, Thank to God, Thank you and Thank to God,

 Thank you and Thank to God.

 I Pray god to your good health with Happy and wealthy,

With warm regards,

SS,V. Chidambaram,

District Registrar,(Retired)


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Healing Home From Entities and Negative Energy - Malaysia

My Name is K.Malliga. Im from Puchong, Malaysia
I Know Mr Siva.P of Prana Violet Healing through a close friend.
I have a lot of problem . I have 3 kids 2 girls and one boy.
At night time my son who is one years and 2 month old will cry non stop for no reason and he won’t drink milk. He sleeps in the day and cries all the nights and this does not allow me to sleep and I have to work the next morning. This has been going on for more than 2 months. We have seeked medical help and did not help at all.  It was very difficult and it was a nightmare for all of us.
I then contact Prana Violet Healing one night in March 2011 to inform my problem and ask for their help and advice. 
They healed my son, our family and our home and that night itself my son slept well and has been sleeping well eversince the healing. He explained that our home was very negative and occupies with a negative entity that was creating all these negative energies. Actually I have no experience and do not know about healing.
After this experience then only I know about the healing power. I would like to know more about the Healing, how it works and how I can apply to myself and my family.
My family and I are really very happy to have been helped by Prana Violet Healing and we will try to go for the healing workshop soon to learn this technique.
Thank for your help sir.
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Healing Son Occult Energy – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My youngest son was not happy with me and being angry because we had sent him to study in Johor. He was diagnosed with 3 occult energy from a girl that wanted to control him. He refused to even look my face. Then after the account energies were removed by Prana Violet Healing method, he was a totally changed boy. He even kiss me and his sister before going back to his college again.

Lalitha Sivananda Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel : +603 6251400614


Healing Black Magic From Working Place

I was not in peace at my working place and was not feeling happy at where I was working and also when I get back home. My sister introduce me to Prana Violet healing and I was diagnosed to have been under the black magic spell from one of my office staff. The black magic was removed with the prana violet healing., I felt much better immediately and after that my back pain which I was suffering for the past one week was also relieved instantly. I also felt inner peace within my self after this healing.’



About Prana Violet Healing – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Brothers and Sister,

This is a genuine approach to healing yourself, your loved ones and friends without touching money. What is more beautiful than its compared to other modality of healing is a no touching the body in involved. Furthermore, you can do distant healing as well by visualising the person and calling out his name. This Divine Energy of God Almighty or also called Prana or Lifetron by Pramahansa Yogananda spreads out all the world, universe, astral and causal worlds. It is now offered with love, free of charge, by the originator of this form of healing by Mr.Siva.P who has much to help suffering humanity to learn how to heal themselves first before healing others.

You may if you like make a small donation to purchase more of the Prana Healing Wands (PHWs) to be given to other less fortunate brothers and sister of ours. 

God Bless.

Ir Yap Teong Aun @ Kannan

Kuala Lumpur

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Healing Family Members – Seremban, Malaysia

Hi, everybody 

I am Punitha from Seremban. I just would like to share my experience about  PRANA VOILET HEALING. I hope it will be helpful for everyone. My first meeting with Mr. Siva was at P.D workshop. I was really impressed but didn’t have confident at all. After a couple of days, I noticed my mother was really suffering with her knee pain. I took her to clinic, the doctor said she have to be with this pain for the rest of  her life , he can only help her with pain killers and the  pain cant be cure . I feel very sorry for her.  At that time,  I try to heal my mother’s knee pain with the wand. I cant believe, the next morning, my mother brought her friend to me and said ‘please heal my friend as how you heal me yesterday’. I asked my mother ‘how did you feel today’? She was very happy and said that she feels no pain at all and she slept well after so many months. I was so surprised. Again I heal her friend who suffered with shoulder pain for more then two months. Believe me, the pain is gone immediately. I feel very happy, then I try to contact Mr. Siva and asked him to teach me  more about  the healing wand . Mr. Siva is busy man but he is willing to teach me whenever I call him. I had healed so many patients after that. I had tried a distant healing for a guy, who was suspect with H1N1. I healed him nearly for 45 min. Then, the guy called me and said he become out of suspect. PRANA VOILET HEALING is gift for us and Mr. Siva is such a good hearted person who is willing to teach everybody with free of charge. I really hope that everyone learn this and help all the poor people who really cant afford to the expensive healing method and also pay to the doctors. That’s all. I can’t wait to share my more experiences to all of u next time.

If u wish to contact me, please mail me to this ID,

Ms.Punita, Seremban Malaysia

Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Appreciation -  Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Attached herewith is a small token sum as a contribution to your Prana Violet Healing and in appreciation of the commendable healing efforts you have been, and continue, making to relieve human suffering from various diseases. And I thank you for the efforts you have been making to teach others how to also heal the sick.


Mr. Silvester,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Healing Various Ailements – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

.1.  My husband has had problems with his right ear for a long time.  Hearing in the right ear is impaired and he has discharge all the time. He has undergone an operation and other treatments at the hospital, but with not much improvement.   I brought my husband to see Mr. Siva for a healing session before Mr Siva started the official PHW classes.  After the session Mr. Siva taught me the various steps to continue the healing at home using the PHW. I continued to do the various healing steps at home regularly with the PHW.

After attending the Healing Class using the PHW, I also programmed a PHW and left it in the library cum study room where my husband spends a lot of his time. My husband does not have any more discharge in his right ear now.  Thank you PHW and thank you Mr Siva for teaching this healing method.


2. My husband developed frozen shoulder problems after carrying heavy photographic equipment during one of his birding photography trips last year. I have regularly been doing healing on him using the PHW since learning this healing technique. My husband is now completely healed and does not have any shoulder pains now.

3. Three weeks ago my husband had a big hard swelling on his neck area the size of a 50 cents coin.  It was painful and he had difficulty moving his neck.  He saw a Doctor and was told that it was due to some infection and blockage in the lymphatic node and that a minor surgery was needed to after the swelling had subsided to remove the blockage.

 He prescribed some antibiotics and some painkillers.  After a week, the swelling still did not subside and the doctor asked my husband to go back for some jabs. 

At the same time I also started healing using the PHW.  Two days after that, the swelling burst.  I continued healing with the PHW.  More pus was removed everyday. The swelling started subsiding and diminishing in size.  It is now almost gone and without having the minor surgery  too.



Hemalatha Ramasamy,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Healing Viral Infection- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My first experience with the Healing Wand was a unique one, at best, I was down with a stubborn gastrointestinal viral infection thanks over partying during the festive season and had to content with a loss of appetite and a smaller menu that Doctor said I had to follow to heal. this include no spicy food. This was happening on for a period of two weeks. When siva first showed me the Healing Wand, I laughed. It looked like a child's toy. But I gave him the benefit.  I also made it a point not to tell him of my infection. The proof was going to be in the ding, the wand was going to speak for itself.

What and experience it was that day because 15 minutes later at a dinner table, my appetite had more than tripled back to normal. i was also consuming spicy (and oily food) with no fears of repercussions. No stomach rumblings or sense of hot pain. It has disappeared. Chicken Kapitan never tasted that good.

The proof as they said is in the doing: and let me say, the healing Wand works. There is just no other words for the description - It just works. and works efficiently well at that. For the health and benefit of yourself and those around you, it is worth your time to give this a look.

Dinesh Menon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Healing Ear Pain – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m a 33 years old guy, an engineer by profession working for a multinational company.  A few years ago during my studies in London, I became aware of several healing modalities when I was browsing through several books in the mind, body and soul section of a bookshop. Prior to this I had keen interest in looking for ways to improve myself, health and life without antibiotics, drugs or psychiatrists. I also had received alternative treatments from practitioners in healing such as aromatherapy massage and crystal healing. Based on the practitioner’s information, I developed my knowledge in energy bodies, chakras, auras and meditations.

 Lately, I have been having ticking noise in right ear for over a year. I went to medical center and took medication but wasn't effective. I also applied a few healing techniques and it worked off and on. Then I become aware of Prana Violet Healing from my healing circle and decided to give a try. I called Mr. Siva and arranged a healing session at the Segambut Center.  I felt relieved after he performed healing with PHW and he gave me a PWH to continue using later. The next day, I'm astonished as it's completely cured. Prana Violet Healing is truly amazing and a very effective modal of healing. It's also unique as there is no touching of body parts required.

I hope to discover more benefits of PHW and share with others in coming years.

THANK YOU to Mr. Siva, the founder of Prana Violet Healing for the wonderful training, guidance and support in helping me to practice this method of healing.

THANK YOU to PWH for becoming part of my life. It’s a wonderful gift of health, wellness, happiness, wisdom and inner peace.

Love, peace and light

K Saravanakumar Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

E-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Healing HINI on Pregnant Mother - Shah Alam, Malaysia

My Testimonial

Initially I received the wand from a colleague in 2009 who has attended Mr Siva’s healing classes few times. When I received the wand I was expecting my second baby. Whenever I m using the wand to heal me, I just depend on the positive thoughts that the wand will help to heal me since I didn’t attended any classes on how to use the wand. When my pregnancy reached 7 months I was confirmed with H1N1. Carrying another life inside me I was extremely worried. Only then through my colleague I got the contact number of Mr Siva and for the first time have spoken to him and explained about my condition to him. Mr Siva has started to do distance healing for me & but one thing to note here is I didnt go through much implication thereafter. Things didn’t stop there, towards my end stage pregnancy my blood presure shoot up. Once again I approached for the help of Mr Siva. That’s when Mr Siva confirmed with me that there is a cord being sent to me & my baby. Mr Siva continue to do distance healing for me. The very first time I met Mr Siva was one day before my delivery day. He came all the way to the hospital where I was admitted upon my request. My pressure was back to normal reading but Mr Siva said that I am still receiving the cord & he did the healing in the hospital. Anyhow, I have safely delivered my baby boy the next day after going through a hard time throughout my pregnancy.

On & off I will use the wand to heal myself should I have any health problem. I also use the wand to heal my kids should they fall sick. Recently my husband fall very sick. He saw more than 3 doctors and changed medicine few times but to no help. Then I decided to call Mr Siva & for the very first time we have attempted to go to his Healing Centre. Over there he has helped to heal my husband. Moments thereafter my husband felt all right. Then after few days my husband’s condition back to normal.

One thing I m very impressed about Mr Siva is his concern on those approach him to be healed & his continuous afford to check with us until we are fully recovered. Not many human being in this earth willing to spend their time to do a good deed or service to others but Mr Siva did. May God always bless him & his family with lots of health and peace.


Shah Alam Malaysia

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Healing Emotion and Financial Blocks - Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Deal All,

I have to admit that I initially had no clue as to what Prana Healing was. When I first heard of it, I had mixed feelings about it. However due to my debilitated state, I was willing to give it a try.

Never did I imagine that the Prana Healing Workshop that I was about to attend to will turn out to be a life changing experience for me.

Prior to attending Prana Healing Workshop, my life to be exact was mayhem, so to speak. I had issues in all aspects of my life, i.e. health, emotional and financial. Though I was religious I was never spiritual. It was due to the lack of my esoteric knowledge I reckon.

I was a complete wreck, at times it was difficult to turn off my thoughts, I was constantly engaged in an inner battle that left me usually weak and stressed.

The Prana Healing Master, Mr. Siva, not only has taught me the fundamental principles of Prana healing but helped me to herald positive changes in my life. He is a noble soul who is always helpful, kind and generous. He is ever willing to sacrifice his precious time despite his busy schedule, in pursuits of helping the mankind in leading a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.

The workshop conducted by him is always free, well organised with easy to follow manuals. It is brimmed with tons of valuable information which is proven beneficial and effective in all areas of life.

In my personal experience, when Mr. Siva was healing me using the Prana Healing Wand, I actually felt an energy shift, physically and emotionally. I felt lighter, calmer and I was at peace with myself, something that I haven’t felt for ages. At one point of time, peace and happiness was almost elusive to me.

I was absolutely amazed by the result and had the benefit of witnessing many other participants being healed in the same miraculous manner. It was almost enigmatic the way he was able to reach out to people, diagnose their problems, tap into their energy field and remove all the energy blocks that has occasioned their chakras to be in a standstill.

Even until today, Mr.Siva still helps me, whenever I cry out for help, using his distance healing method (due to our geographical difference). To my astonishment it has the same exact effect of the in-person healing.

I am practising Prana Healing everyday now, it has become an integral part of my life, a precious gift that I cherish most. I must say that I have improved leaps and bounds, in all aspects of my life, be it health, financial or emotional all through the practise of Prana Healing.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Siva for all his guidance and incessant help that he has rendered to me, my family and friends. Mr. Siva is an amazing healer and I am grateful to God to have met him.


Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

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Healing Deugue Fever – Perak, Malaysia

Dear Mr. Siva.P,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing us to the Prana Violet Healing method. Even though my wife, my children and I have completed the 2nd degree Tera Mai Reiki hands-on healing course, but your course in healing using the Prana Healing Wand was amazing. I was amazed by the scientific way you explained the healing techniques with spiritual knowledge.

There is a change of my parent’s world view which was very much based on a culture of blame and anger towards whatever happens around them. They were very much taken up by your sacrifice of your time and effort to provide this course for free and giving those who could afford it to donate whatever they thought the course was worth.

Although you are an engineer by profession, your social dedication towards teaching everyone how to heal themselves without any course fees is something that would have to be much appreciated by all.

As in Reiki, my wife and I have never ceased to take every opportunity to help anyone irrespective of race, religion or political inclination and now we can continue our mission with spiritual healing by using the amazingly powerful Prana Healing Wand.

We really admire and deeply appreciate your readiness to help us with difficult healing situations by providing us with guidance to heal with the utmost effectiveness.

For example, on the eve of Deepavali my son was provisionally diagnosed for suspected dengue fever and exhibited all the classical symptoms from high fever and rigors to retro-orbital pains, headache, pains in the joints and muscles and excruciating backache.

I swept his auric field completely with the Prana Healing Wand, energized his chakras and carried out the three repetitions of the Ida-Pingala Balancing sweep around his forehead down to the spine and up both vertically from his jaw to the end of his spine and back.

Thereafter I energized his spleen but by bedtime, his condition worsened and his fever got worse. That was the time when I sent you a message by SMS before calling you to explain his condition while you were attending a conference in Singapore!

Without hesitation you went about giving him remote healing and half an hour later told me he has healed completely but that we have to make sure his fever does not spike. That night he slept soundly and on Deepavali Day he was up and about helping his grandfather at his home built shrine.

In the afternoon he had a bad backache and my parents were harassing me to get him admitted to hospital since he was twisting in pain. I hesitated since I knew he was out of danger since his fever had completely subsided. I was forced by my father to take him for medical attention and so I carried him to the car and my mother was in the backseat with his head on his lap.

Again I called you and you instructed me to use the Prana Healing Wand to energize his sacral chakra. I asked my mother to use the wand as you had taught her in your class while I continued driving slowly around to a private clinic recommended by my mother.

By the time we got there he was already seated upright and when we got there I asked him if he wants an isotonic drink from a nearby petrol and service station and he walked vigorously beside me to buy himself an ice-lolly while I paid for the bottle of isotonic fluid.

That was the first healing my mum had carried out successfully under your guidance. We were really amazed when the doctor told us that he was perfectly healthy and had no signs or symptoms of any kind of viral fever infection. Thank you sir, for introducing the Prana Violet Healing method using the Prana Healing Wand to all of us.

Just yesterday I got a call from my friend who was just discharged from hospital after undergoing treatment at Batu Gajah Hospital for asthma. I strongly sensed that something was amiss since he was there for almost a week and he sounded very weak and confused.

I decided to call you and what amazed me was your incredibly accurate description of his highly stressed emotional condition which was later confirmed by him in person. While waiting to get there I phoned him and told him to do the forgiveness affirmation which you taught us to open up his healing channel which you informed was closed.

On the way to his home from my office I phoned to ask how he felt. He informed me that he was really feeling well again and that was what I saw when I got there. He ran out to greet me as he normally does. No wheezing and suppressed voice just his normal self!

I immediately performed the procedure of sweeping the aura, energizing his chakra, central meridians and spleen and asked him to do the affirmations and the reasons why that is the best way to reset negative emotional accumulations.

This morning, when I called him again, he told me that he was feeling very energetic and that after I left his house, he had continued his affirmations until he fell off to sleep.

The healing modality you taught us has never ceased to amaze me, sir. Your contribution to society is deeply appreciated by me and my family and we wish to introduce many more people to this art of healing which you have discovered.

Veeramohan Subramaniam ( Setiawan, Perak. Malaysia)

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Healing Pain – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am S. Kannagi d/o Sivaguru.  I live in Segambut Kuala Lumpur, nearby to the Prana Violet Center centre. Almost every day I use to pass by Prana Violet Healing centre to get my groceries’ at the nearby shops but I had never made the attempt to go into the centre.  My family and I live in Segambut for many years and we have seen a lot of people healing themselves in the centre.  In June last year I just walk to find out“what was going on there? what are all this people doing there?”.  Then finally the divine answered my queries. 

 This is my experience

One day my mum was walking by the road side.  I believe that Mr. Siva who operated the center have seen her walking with a pain at her tummy and looking sick.  Mr. Siva had immediately stopped his car and asked her “what is wrong with you aunty, are you in pain?”.  She told him that her tummy was painful and had not eaten well for months.  Immediately, Mr. Siva healed her at the road side and followed up with the healing the next day.  It was amazing that my mum was healed without any medication.  My mum could eat and sleep normally again.  My mum was amazed with Mr. Siva’s healing and thanked him so much.   Mr. Siva informed my mum that he would like to heal more people and the most important part that he would like to teach everyone to heal them self.   My mum recommended me to go to visit Mr Siva for healing as I had been suffering from tummy pains and toes until I had to limb to move around.   After a few months, my pain where getting worst.  I was unable to sleep at night and had not been focusing at my office for almost a year.  I was really a stressed person. Medical treatment did not help.  Then finally, one day while I was walking passing Mr. Siva’s centre, I just walked into the centre and introduced myself to him.  He was so friendly and started to heal me immediately.  Mr. Siva said that my aura was so dirty and full of cords all over my body.  Someone has been sending black magic and sending a lot of negative energy towards me.   Mr. Siva started healing me every alternate days for a week as it was really serious as I could not even walk and eat well.   I just followed Mr. Siva’s instructions and teachings and today I am completely healed.   Several on my pains ex. tummy, toe and sleeping problems which I have experience for more than 2 years have gone without any medication.   Even in my office my situation has changed to become  more peaceful.  I am more positive and focused person compared two years back.   I am also thought and guided with the powerful affirmation from Prana Violet Healing to heal my body , mind and soul. I now share my experience with my family and friends who need healing.  I am so grateful to Prana Violet Healing so much  that until today I never forget to visit the centre to learn more and I am seeing so much of positive changes in my life. I have also become a healer using the Prana Healing Technique and I now heal my family members and office staffs as well.

I take this great opportunity to thank Prana Violet Healing and may god bless all of them  and their family always with abundance of  love, peace, health, wealth and harmony.

All their healing and teaching are free of charge, something not easily available today.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Physical Pain – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dear all,
(A short Autobiography of me)
My Name is David Dass, I like share some of my Experiences with you about Mr. Siva. He has GOD’S Clinic in Segambut called Prana Violet Healing. Mr. Siva has saved me from a life threatening disaster which is nearly cost my life, this has been going for 2 years, don't know what’s happening to me and I nearly lose my life,

One day after an appointment with my Doctor, I was going back home with intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain, suddenly at jalan Duta, I was directs by my inner voice to go Segambut (Prana Violet Healing) was there ringing front bell of his office, he came and I told about all the things happens to me. He said COME,SIT and I WILL HEAL YOU, Not even 15 minutes, all the Agony that I had, was gone completely and I was jumping with happiness (so happppppppy) Imagine 2 years of Agony has gone forever. Since then I had witness lots of lots miracles Had, Has and Happening at Prana Violet Healing, you have be there to believe it,
My Personal View about Mr. Siva. He is a very very very busy man but willing to answer my prayers when ever I called him even though he was in Overseas. He never says "NO". Being a Director of his own Company, he willing to help ease peoples pains at “NO COST”

THANKS MR.SIVA you were there for me.
GOD Bless you and your family forever.
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Healing High Fever - Rawang, Malaysia


Dear Sir,

My name is Divya, my dad is a very concern person toward his family, and moreover I’m only daughter in family. A slide fever, he will bring me to the clinic, sometimes two or three times in a day, just imagine how much money and time he spent just for a fever but so proud of my daddy for that. This has been happening for many years, finally it’s all end on that Friday 18th May 2012, I was having a high Fever 104 degree, accompanied with my monthly period pain, I was shivering and waiting for my Dad, but he came late on that day, at about 9pm. He saw me but he doesn’t show any concern about my fever, but he notice it and he was so calm, I was so surprise and angry to see him, what happen to the concern that he used to have on me because the next day I’m having my college exam. A few minutes later he came with the “HEALING WAND” and said sit there I will heal you. He just did Aura cleansing, Ida pingala and balancing of chakras on me, a half an hour later my fever gone, my monthly period pain gone nowhere to be found. I was very surprise and happy indeed even going to the doctor would not brought so much relive in such short time.

Thank you Mr. Siva for teaching my dad this simple and  healing techniques and for your concern on my family and mankind.

Thank you Prana Violet Healing , God bless you, your family and ther work that you do.

Warm Regards
Divya David

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Rawang, Malaysia


Sleep Disorder Distant Healing - USA


Thank you for working on me. It will be two weeks coming up soon. I am sleeping every night without taking any medication. This is a miracle, especially after nine years of taking medications for sleep. Also, when I wake up in the middle of the night I am able to fall back to sleep. Thank you and God bless you.


Nikki Bains USA


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Healing Grand Mother Knee Pain – Chilandak, Indonesia


I spent a lot of money on medical treatments treating my mother and gramd mother's knee pain and other body aches. Mr Siva had given me the PHW and briefly taught me how to use it. After treating them with the PHW, their health has improved so much and they do not seek medical treatment often. This has helped me control my finances better as I am a single mother.


Ms Atin Erni,


Chilandak, Indonesia


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Healig Sleep Disorder (Indonesian) – Medan, Indonesia


Saya mempunyai keluhan tidak bisa tidur hingga larut malam setiap hari bagi soatu jangka masa yang panjang dan pernah menggunakan ubat tidur tetapi tidak berkesan. Saya diubati oleh Mr. Siva dengan perubatan PHW, saya juga diubati untuk keluhan alah kepada makanan.Saya amat berminat pada cara perubatan ini dan mengikuti kelas Prana Healing di Indonesia dan sekarang saya bisa mengubati beberapa orang dari keluarga sendiri dan teman-teman di Medan.


Rita Melati,


Medan, Indonesia.


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Healing Chronic Gastritis (Indonesia) – Medan, Indonesia


Keluhan saya pada saat itu adalah Magh (gastric) yang tak kunjung sembuh, dan juga terkesan semakin memburuk, karena jika rasa sakitnya kembali, saya tak dapat menahan sakitnya yang sangat luar biasa. Bahkan pernah saya tidak dapat tidur 2 hari 2 malam dikarenakan rasa sakit yang tak dapat saya tahan. Lambung saya seolah-olah semakin membesar, membesar dan membesar dan akan pecah. Karena rasa sakit yang amat sangat itu, saya pergi ke berbagai dokter untuk mengobati magh saya yang sangat menyiksa.


Namun obat-obat yang mereka berikan tidak membantu sama sekali. Sampai akhirnya seorang teman saya yang adalah seorang dari negeri Malaysia menelephon saya ke Hand Phone, beliau merasa heran karena saya terdengar sangat kesakitan, dan saya menjelaskan kepada beliau tentang apa yang sedang saya derita. Perlu saya katakan disini, bahwa pada saat itu beliau berada di Malaysia dan saya di Indonesia. Dan disaat itulah saya mengetahui bahwa teman saya dapat menyembuhkan dengan suatu cara yang disebut Pranic Healing. Dan sakit yang saya rasakan, yang telah menyebabkan saya menderita selama 2 hari 2 malam, yang menyebabkan saya tak dapat tidur, duduk, mau pun berjalan telah dapat disembuhkan oleh beliau hanya dalam waktu yang relatif singkat, kurang lebih hanya 30 menit saja. Sungguh luar biasa.


Saya sangat berterima kasih kepada beliau atas pertolongannya. Dan hingga saat ini pun jika saya merasakan ada yang tidak beres dengan kesehatan saya, gangguan apa pun itu baik magh  atau pun gangguan kesehatan yang lain, saya langsung meminta pertolongan


beliau. Dan bukan hanya itu saja, saya juga pada kesempatan ini ingin bersaksi atas kesembuhan lewat Pranic Healing yang terjadi bagi adik sepupuh (cousin sister) kekasih saya yang berada di America yang bernama Ariana, yang berusia 30 tahun, Ariana mengalami strock 8 tahun yang lalu, dengan terjadinya strok itu, ariana mengalami kelumpuhan separuh badannnya, kebutaan sebelah matanya, dan dia juga tidak dapat makan dan bernafas tanpa bantuan alat. Suatu hari atas permintaan kekasih saya, saya meminta bantuan kepada Mr. Siva untuk membantu, dan beliau meminta kepada saya agar saya menyediakan foto Ariana. Beberapa hari kemudian saya mengirimkan fotonya lewat email. Dan suatu hal yang sangat luar biasa, bahwa hanya dalam waktu yang kurang lebih 1 bulan, ariana mengalami suatu kemajuan yang luar biasa dalam kesehatannya. Awalnya dia dapat bernafas tanpa alat selama 11 Jam, dan sekarang dia dapat bernafas tanpa alat dan juga makan tanpa menggunakan alat lagi.


Terima Kasih yang sangat tak terkira saya sampaikan kepada Mr. Siva atas pertolongannya. Tuhan memberkati anda selalu. Demikian kesaksian saya tentang kesembuhan dengan cara Prana Healing, semoga Prana Healing ini selalu diperdalam dan digunakan untuk menyembuhkan banyak orang di seluruh dunia. Sekian dan Terima Kasih.




Merry Luisa (Maya)


Medan,  Indonesia


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  Rebaja de dosis de Insulina november 2014My name is José-Ramón and I live in Mallorca, Spain.

It is not very easy for me to resume in words all the things that happened to me since I started the practice in PVH. The most it was the moment when I felt that the wand were moving, asking to my questions. But then was the possibility to heal a lot of things in myself, in my family and business. Our son is with the same quantity of insuline like when he was 3 years old and 10 kilos weight (now he is 9 years old and 30 kg).But for me the most important thing is may be that is based in three very important principles: first, is free and for everyone; second, is providing you a direct connection with God, not through any guru; and third, is really powerful and a good tool for changing the World. Thanks to Mr. Siva, Mrs. Asha for bringing him here and everyone with him for all their teaching, love and working for mankind. Desbloqueo de la prosperidad  y mejora de salud física- Workshop 16-17 marzo 2013 Palma de Mallorca (España)

 Me llamo Laura, vivo en Barcelona (España) y tengo 46 años. A medida que fui creciendo los adultos no me entendían, no “encajaba” en la educación clásica occidental, por lo que fui corregida “por mi bien” insistentemente, y fui confundiendo mi deseo de ayudar a los demás y hacer lo correcto, por hacer lo que querían los demás, solo para agradarles, hacer lo que había que hacer.

 Me fui alejando de mi Yo interior y a la vez de mi bienestar físico, emocional y espiritual.

 Tomé muchas decisiones equivocadas, y tomaron muchas decisiones equivocadas por mí, y yo lo permití (nadie sabe lo que le conviene mejor que uno mismo si escucha su conciencia). Me engañaron, me robaron, me abandonaron, me maltrataron, y yo lo permití. Tenía fuertes dolores de lumbago, se me caía el pelo y tenía eccema por todo el cuerpo, pero yo seguía “adelante” ¿adelante? Por mis hijos, por mi familia, en fin, por todo el mundo menos por mí. Hasta que una depresión grave hizo que no pudiera moverme de la cama, y tuve que pensar en mi salud.

 Empecé a darme cuenta de que todo lo que tenía alrededor era lo que me causaba tanta enfermedad y era yo quien lo estaba permitiendo, pero ¿Cómo evitarlo? Cuando estás en el agujero parece imposible salir de él, pero en realidad todos lo podemos hacer, solo tenemos que volver a escuchar nuestro YO SOY, nuestro interior, nuestra conciencia, eso tan difícil porque nos hemos quedado sordos de espíritu.

 Nadie te puede enseñar el camino perfecto para volver a conectar con uno mismo, cada uno tenemos el nuestro, pero sí que podemos pedir a los Ángeles, Ayudantes Espirituales, Guías, Maestros espirituales… que nos muestren nuestro camino y si que van apareciendo señales.

 Quería encontrar mi camino pero recelaba de los gurús o prácticas grupales porque sentía que manipulaban y empecé a leer, a investigar por mi cuenta, a comentar con gente… y resultó que cada vez que lo pedía o tenía una duda aparecía la persona o la información adecuada. Después de 3 años de aprender (básicamente a escucharme y seguir mi intuición) cambié todo en mi vida, la relación con mi familia, con mis amistades, mi entorno social y mi salud había mejorado considerablemente. Pero sentía que necesitaba más, seguía bloqueada en muchos aspectos.

 Volví a pedir ayuda a mis Ángeles y Ayudantes Espirituales, y me apareció de repente una página de internet anunciando un curso de sanación energética, entré en la web y sentí que tenía enterarme mejor. Encajaba perfectamente con mi idea de cómo debía ser la ayuda a los demás y  a uno mismo. Quedaba un mes para el curso, era en Palma de Mallorca, tenía que coger un avión y pagar un hotel; mi situación económica había empeorado muchísimo y no tenía trabajo, no tenía dinero para ir. Pedí prestado. Un amigo me dejó 100 euros, no era suficiente. No pude ir.

 Al cabo de un tiempo me volvió a aparecer la página de internet ¡se hacía otro curso! También en Palma de Mallorca, pensé que aquello no podía ser casualidad, quería ir pero seguía sin dinero, debía la hipoteca, el gas, la luz, el teléfono entre otras muchas más deudas… y volví a pedir, pero esta vez a los Ángeles. Tres días antes de que empezara el curso me pagaron una cosa que me debían (ni me acordaba), 225 euros, lo justo para el billete de avión y el hotel. ¡Sin tener dinero ni para comida me lo gastaba en ese viaje!¿estaba loca?

 El 16 y 17 de marzo de 2013 hice el curso de Sanación Pranica Violeta y pensé que tenía que organizar uno en Barcelona. No sé porqué. Hablamos del curso en el aeropuerto de Barcelona, durante la escala que el Maestro Siva hacía para ir a Kuala Lumpur. Me dijo que necesitaba al menos 100 personas para hacer el curso; no tenía experiencia, no conocía a ninguna organización, ni tenía ninguna base de datos ¿en qué lio me había metido?

 Pues resulto que en ninguno, volví a pedir a los Ángeles y Maestros espirituales que me ayudaran en la organización. El 25 y 26 de mayo se celebró el curso. Se apuntaron más de 100 personas, aunque al final asistieron unas 90. Fue un éxito.

 El 27 de mayo dejé de fumar. Había fumado durante 32 años un paquete diario y no tenía intención de dejarlo, pero con la ayuda del Maestro Siva se consumió el vicio de fumar y, sin más,  lo dejé. No tengo ningún tipo de ansiedad ni nerviosismo, simplemente no fumo. La semana siguiente recibí una oferta para vender la casa ¡¡ adiós a la hipoteca y a las deudas!!

 Entre mi primer curso en Palma y el de Barcelona casi no practiqué con la varita, “ya me ha limpiado Siva, ya estoy bien”, pensaba. Pero después del curso de Barcelona entendí que tenía que practicar y sanarme no solo a mi misma sino también a los demás. Todos somos una chispa divina y nos merecemos lo mejor.

 Pues tendremos que seguir!! ¿no?

 Hago sanaciones casi cada día a las personas que me voy encontrando. Al principio me daba reparo, pero sorprendentemente muchos están buscando su camino y agradecen enormemente la ayuda.

 Tengo una salud estupenda y cada día me encuentro mejor, me siento más feliz y tranquila. Cada día me acerco más a Dios. Estoy recibiendo lo que estoy dando, y estoy dando lo que estoy recibiendo.

 Gracias Maestro Siva por aparecer en mi vida,

 Gracias Seres de Luz, Ángeles, Maestros Espìrituales, Guias y Ayudantes Espirituales por acompañarme siempre

 Un abrazo de Luz


  Barcelona, España

 My name is Laura , I live in Barcelona ( Spain ) and I am 46 years old. As I grew older, adults did not understand me , do not " fit " in Western classical education , so I was corrected " for my sake " repeatedly , and was confusing my desire to help others and do the right thing to do others what they wanted , just to please them , do what I had to do.

 I went away from my inner self and also my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

 I took many wrong decisions, and they took many wrong decisions for me, and I allowed it (nobody knows what is better than yourself if you hear your conscience ) . I have been cheated, stolen, abandoned, mistreated, and I had allowed. I had severe low back pain, hair was falling me and had eczema all over my body, but I went "ahead ", ahead? For my children, for my family, in short, for everyone but me. Until I had a severe depression and I couldn’t move from the bed, and I had to think about my health.

 I began to realize that everything around was causing me so much disease and I was allowing, but how to avoid it? When you're in the hole seems impossible to get out of it , but really all we can do , we just have to re- listen to our I AM, ourselves, our conscience, that so hard because we have been deaf in spirit.

 Nobody can teach you the perfect way to reconnect with yourself , we each have our own, but we can call on Angels, Guides , Spiritual Teachers ... to show us our way and signals are appearing.

 I wanted to find my way but suspicious of gurus or group practices because I felt manipulated, and started reading , researching on my own, to discuss with people ... and it turned out that every time I called or had a question the person or the information appearing adequate . After 3 years of learning (basically to listen and follow my intuition) changed everything in my life , my relationship with my family, my friends, my social environment and my health had greatly improved, but I felt I needed more , still locked in many respects.

 I went to seek help from my Angels, and I suddenly appeared a website announcing an energy healing course, I went on the website and felt I had better learn . It fit perfectly with my idea of ​​how it should be helping others and oneself. Had a month for the course was in Palma de Mallorca ( Spain ) , had to catch a plane and pay a hotel , my financial situation had deteriorated a lot and had no job, had no money to go. I borrowed. A friend left me 100 euros, it was not enough. I could’t go.

 After a while, the website reappeared, it became another course! Also in Palma de Mallorca , I thought it could not be coincidence, I wanted to go but still no money, should the mortgage, gas, electricity, telephone among many other debts ... and went back to ask , but this time the Angels . Three days before I started the course, someone paid a debt to me ( I didn’t remember) 225 euros, just for the airfare and hotel. How without money for food I spent on that trip! Was crazy?

 On 16th and 17th March 2013 did the course Prana Violet Healing and thought I had to host one in Barcelona. I don’t know why. We speak about workshop on Barcelona’s airport, ​​during the Master Siva scale to Kuala Lumpur. He said we needed at least 100 people to do the course. I had no experience, didn’t know any organization, nor had any database… what did I get?

 Well, the result was that none, I again ask the Angels and Spiritual Masters to help me in the organization. On 25 and 26 May, the course was held. More than 100 people signed up, but ultimately attended by about 90. It was a success.

 On May 27, I quit smoking. I smoked for 32 years a pack a day and had no intention of leaving, but Master Siva consumed the smoking habit and I left. I don’t have any anxiety or nervousness, just do not smoke. The following week I received an offer to sell the house, goodbye to the mortgage and debts!

 Among my first course and Barcelona barely practiced with wand, "I have already been cleaned Siva, I'm fine," I thought. But after the Barcelona course understood that I had to practice and heal not only to myself but also to others. We are all a divine spark and we deserve the best.

 So we must continue! Right?

 I do almost every day Prana Violet Healing to people I meet. At first I was hesitate, but surprisingly many are finding their way and greatly appreciate the help.

 I have a wonderful health and every day I feel better, I feel more happy and peaceful. Every day I get closer to God. I'm getting what I'm giving, and I am giving what I 'm getting.

 Thanks Master Siva for appearing in my life,

 Thank you Light Beings, Angels, Spiritual Masters and Guides forever with me

 A hug of Light


Sanación de Problemas digestivos - Workshop 25-26 mayo 2013 Barcelona, España 

Vull explicar la meva experiència amb les varetes de la Sanació Prànica Violeta des de que vaig fer el Curs. He començat a practicar d’una manera metòdica després de l’Estiu. I he anat regularment a les trobades que fem els dimecres un grupet que vam fer el Curs.

Jo, Anton Cabayol que visc a Barcelona y sóc professor de Secundària,  des de la més tendra infància he tingut forts problemes digestius amb retencions i dolors abdominals. He provat molts sistemes: dejunis llargs, dietes, psicoanàlisi, teràpies cara a cara, acupuntura, Gestalt, A.T., teràpies energètiques, imposició de mans durant anys, banys de mar i de fang, meditacions, tantra, cristalls, suplements alimentaris, espècies  ... És a dir que al llarg de la vida (molt llarga, no acostumo a posar l’edat) he estat provant diferents tècniques i de totes he aprés molt i mantinc bastants pràctiques i hàbits de totes les tècniques que he practicat.

És cert, que en moments determinats he aconseguit apaivagar o eliminar part d’aquests malestars, p. e. amb els dejunis, les Sals de Schüssler, les diferents espècies d’herbes, les teràpies de hydrocolon, però no totalment . Les molèsties sempre tornaven encara que amb menys intensitat. Sembla com si les energies negatives sinó es treballen espiritualment no desapareixen i romanen inalterables. I les digestions lentes i doloroses persistien i el bloqueig al ventre és molt molest i distorsiona molt la vida de cada dia.

Ara, amb la pràctica continuada i persistent (això ho sóc molt) del mètode de Sanació Prànica Violeta les digestions lentes han desaparegut pràcticament, els dolors també i vaig regularment de ventre. Espero que també m’ajudin en d’altres malestars que tinc: mals d’esquena, sensacions de mals de cap, falta de memòria, cames fluixes ... que també estan enfangades amb energies negres.

En els problemes digestius ha estat decisiu la intervenció del Mestre Silva per eliminar les energies negres (les més difícils d’eliminar) que qualsevulla persona (sense proposar-s’ho) et pot entaforar a través dels sentiments, malediccions, enveges, odis, desavinences ... Aquestes sempre estan aquí, apareixen i produeixen disfuncions fisiològiques, psíquiques i espirituals (totes interrelacionades). I poden estar trameses de generacions o vides anteriors (les meves es remunten, de moment, als besavis) i tan sols les pot eliminar una persona molt elevada espiritualment . No tot són, però, energies negres; hi ha vincles afectius o ambientals (no tan forts) que són més fàcils de sol.lucionar.

De totes maneres no s’han de deixar de cantó les bones pràctiques de salut. I persistir. De miracles no n’hi ha i cal portar una vida equilibrada. La millor teràpia, de totes maneres, és l’Amor, tan fugisser  i fonedís del que tant es parla al Curs. Cal obrir el cor a d’altres alternatives d’entrada no tan tangibles. 


I want to explain my experience with Prana Violet Healing Wand since I did the workshop in May 2013 . I have begun to practice methodically after summer , and I have gone to meetings regularly do on Wednesdays with a group we did the course. 

I , Anton Cabayol , I live in Barcelona and I am a high school teacher; from earliest childhood I have had serious digestive problems with retention and abdominal pain. I have tried many systems : long fasts , diets, psychoanalysis , face to face therapies , acupuncture, Gestalt , AT energy therapies , laying on of hands for years, sea bathing and mud , meditation , tantra , crystals, food supplements , spices ... This means that throughout my life (very long , I do not usually put my age) I've been trying different techniques and all I learned a lot and keep many practices and habits of all the techniques I've practiced . 

It is true that at certain times I managed to turn off or remove portions of these discomforts , eg . With fasts, Shüssler salts , different species of herbs, therapies hidrocolon but not totally . The discomfort always returned but with less intensity. It seems as if the negative energies spiritually if not work do not disappear and are unalterable. And the slow and painful digestion persisted and blocking stomach is very upset and disturbed much daily life. 

Now, with continued practice and persitente (that I 'm ) method Prana Violet Healing slow digestion have practically disappeared , the pains and I also regularly belly . I hope you will also help me in other ailments that have : back pain , feeling headache , poor memory , loose legs ... are also smeared with negative energies. 

In digestive problems was decisive intervention of Master Siva to remove (most difficoult eliminate ) negative energies that anyone (even unintentionally ) can send you through the feelings, curses , envy , hatred, discrepancies .. . These are always here , appear and produce physiological , psychological and spiritual dysfunctions ( all interrelated ) , and can be transmitted from previous generations or lives ( of my back , for now, to my great grandparents ) and can remove only the very high person spiritually. But not all negative energies , there are ( not as strong ) emotional and environmental links that are easier to solve . 

Anyway do not have to be set aside good health practices and linger . And there are no miracles to lead a balanced life . The best therapy , however , is Love, so fleeting and elusive of so much talk in the course. You need to open the heart to other alternatives not as tangible input . 

Encourage you to DO THE COURSE . It's FREE 





Pérdida de peso, mejora de salud, abundacia y prosperidad - Workshop 30 Nov- 1 Dic 2013 Barcelona (España)


Te escribimos este correo porque queremos compartir contigo, y con el resto del mundo, nuestra experiencia personal desde que asistimos al seminario que hizo el maestro Siva en Barcelona! Y esperamos que esto ayude a todas las personas que lo lean a animarse a aprender la Sanación Pránica Violeta!

 Nosotros asistimos el otoño pasado (a finales de octubre, principios de noviembre, si mal no recordamos) a un curso de Sanación Pránica Violeta, con mucho interés por conocer en qué consistía la Sanación Pránica, y con mucha curiosidad y ganas de aprender. Hay que estar abierto a conocer cosas nuevas! Y con esa mentalidad asistimos. 

 Tenemos que decir que es totalmente diferente a todo lo que hemos visto relacionado con el tema de la Sanación. La amabilidad y cercanía de Siva, la experiencia de conocerle, la simpatía de la gente, el buen ambiente... Daban ganas de estar ahí! 

 Fuimos con ganas de aprender a autosanarnos, y eso hicimos. Salimos aprendiendo el funcionamiento del cuerpo, de las energías, de los chakras, como adquirir energía de la naturaleza... 

 Desde el mismo día en el que salimos decidimos poner en práctica todo lo aprendido, y perder el miedo a equivocarnos, que es lo que muchas veces hace que dejes algo de lado. Y día tras día, nuestro conocimiento se fue convirtiendo en experiencia, y después de 4 meses, podemos decir que las cosas nos han cambiado muchísimo. 

 Mi experiencia antes de llegar al seminario fue difícil, ya que entré con depresión y un sobrepeso de 25kg debido a un problema de tiroides que nadie podía solucionar, además siempre estaba enferma y decaída. Cuando salí de allí seguía, evidentemente, con depresión y sobrepeso, pero el mundo no se hizo en un día! Así que decidí hacer cada día la autosanación, las oraciones, perdoné y pedí perdón, cerré puertas, y decidí avanzar. Después de 4 meses he perdido 20kg gracias a que las tiroides, que tenían la energía paralizada, han vuelto a funcionar! Vivo sin rencor, sin culpabilidad, llena de felicidad y dicha, y creo que mis sonrisas se contagian, porque antes todo eran malas contestaciones en mi entorno, y últimamente todo es amabilidad! Ya lo dicen, recibes lo que das! Las pocas veces que me he ido poniendo enferma, por resfriados o por dolor de cabeza, no he tomado medicación, he usado la varita de Sanación, y si, doy fe de que funciona! A fin de cuentas somos energía, y la Sanación Pránica nos ayuda a poner las energías en su sitio. Y lo más importante fue darme cuenta de que merecía todo lo bueno que me ocurría, que si pedía algo, el universo me lo daría, pero más importante que recibir era dar, y decidí disfrutar del acto de dar amor, bondad, sonrisas, y contagiar felicidad, y empecé a recibir cosas buenas inmateriales, pero también materiales, cosas que había pedido hacia mucho, y empezaron a llegar! No pedí un coche ni un piso, ni espere a que cayeran del cielo, sino que avancé con fe, y conocí a personas que me ayudaron a llegar hasta aquellas cosas que deseaba, como una cámara de fotos que quería, o una colección de muñecas que deseaba y estaba retirada del mercado! 


Y ahora te paso a Adán para que te cuente él su experiencia con la Sanación Pránica! 



 Laura te comento,  realmente en mi caso la sanación Pránica ha sido un buen aprendizaje, me he conectado más con el campo espiritual y además me ha servido para curar dolencias ajenas. Con sinceridad, yo no he leído las oraciones más que una vez la de prosperidad a parte de las que leímos en las prácticas. Pero mi vida me está yendo estupendamente, estoy siendo consciente al 100% de que todo lo que me pasa es consecuencia de mis actos. Desde la sanación me hice más consciente de este hecho. Puedo decir que ciertamente que estoy consiguiendo todo cuanto deseo y simplemente porque soy consciente de que me pertoca todo aquello que yo desee, y eso fue algo que en el curso pude ver claramente. 

 Bueno, y eso es todo por hoy! Bueno, y añadir que estamos esperando con ansia que Siva vuelva a Barcelona!!!!!


Hasta pronto!!! 




Dámaris y Adán 


Barcelona (España)



Desactivación del virus de la Hepatitis  Octubre 2015 Workshop en Barcelona, España


Quería agradecer a Siva por la sanación que me hizo el pasado mes de octubre 2015 en el curso que asistí en Barcelona de Sanación Pranica Violeta.


Sufro de una hepatitis de virus B y D. Llevo tratándola desde hace unos 35 años con medicación diaria. Pues bien, Siva me ofreció una sanación para mi enfermedad. Tras acudir a la visita de rigor con mi médico hepatólogo me dijo que tenía buenas noticias para mí: "Esther, tienes los virus B y D inactivos". Me sorprendió gratamente, ya que me confirmó lo que ya esperaba que sucediera. Por esto y más, Laura, os estoy muy agradecida.


Un saludo de luz, Mª Esther






I wanted to thank you to Siva for healing did last October 2015 in the workshop of Prana Violet Healing that I attended in Barcelona


I suffer from hepatitis virus B and D. I've been treating it for about 35 years with daily medication. Well, Siva gave me a healing for my disease. After going to visit my hepatologist, doctor told me he had good news for me, "Esther, you have the virus B and D inactivated".


I was pleasantly surprised, as I confirmed what we already expected to happen.


For this and more, I am very grateful to Laura and Siva.


Light Greetings,


 Maria Esther


Barcelona, Spain


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 Barcelona (España) Febrero 2016

 Cuando tenía 6 añitos vine a vivir a Barcelona. En mi nuevo colegio, cada vez que hablaba y a causa de mi acento andaluz, los niños se reían de mí.

 Este hecho ha influido en mi vida tanto positiva como negativamente. La parte negativa es que generó en mí una inseguridad que me ha acompañado desde entonces, más de 40 años. La parte positiva es que para superar este problema y tapar la inseguridad me volví una niña muy estudiosa, aprendí catalán, me adapté perfectamente a la sociedad catalana, …

 Laura me ha hecho sanación y me ha quitado la inseguridad, ahora puedo decir:  “Soy una persona segura”.

 Muchas gracias Laura, muchas gracias Siva, os estaré eternamente agradecida.

 Que Dios os bendiga.


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 Barcelona (Spain) February 2016

 When I was 6 years old I moved to Barcelona. In my new school, whenever I spoke and because of my Andalusian accent, children laughed at me.

 This has influenced my life positively and negatively. The downside is that generated in me an insecurity that has accompanied me since then, more than 40 years. The good news is that to overcome this problem and cover the insecurity I became a very studious girl, I learned Catalan, I adapted perfectly to the Catalan society, ...

 Laura has made me healing and insecurity is gone, now I can say: "I am a confident person".

 Thank you very much Laura, thank you very much Siva, I will be eternally grateful.

 God bless you.


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    DOLORES Y ANSIEDAD- Workshop Granada 29-30 octubre 2016 Quiero contaros mi experiencia con SPV: llevo muchísimos años con malestares emocionales, a veces mejor y otras peor, hace años tuve una crisis de la cual toqué fondo, ahí comenzó mi andadura por conocerme mejor, empecé a hacer terapias de todo tipo, me llegué a hacer maestra de Reiki y fue una etapa repleta de sabiduría, pero mis malestares con menor intensidad perduraban... con las flores de bach sentía gran alivio, pero tras dejarlas volvía el malestar, éste me generaba problemas personales de autoestima, continuas insatisfacciónes familiares etc... llegue a la sanación pránica gracias a mi amiga Maria José en la cual confíe desde siempre, sabía que me ponía en buenas manos. Pues bien, tras seguir sus indicaciones y como por arte de magia, todo ha cambiado en mi vida, me siento como la liberada de algo que no llegué a saber con exactitud ya que estaba en mi subconsciente, he hecho terapias de psicoanálisis y sé bien por donde andaba la cosa, pero no podía liberarme de esa emoción, y como ya he dicho antes, me invade una sensación de gratitud con la vida, me siento más estable emocionalmente, con más fuerza interior y es como si hubiera tomado algún ansiolítico, todo es armonioso y aquello que es caos no lo analizo, dejo transcurrir la vida y que sea ella quien se ocupe,antes no podía hacer esto, siempre me anteponía a todo generándome angustias,  he priorizado en la vida, le doy absoluto valor a las vivencias cotidianas y puedo disfrutar de ellas. En conclusión es un alivio está experiencia, es como caminar por la vida con ligereza. Muchas gracias a quienes me habéis limpiado y me habéis guiado. Gracias, gracias, gracias. Sra. Raquel Cadiz (España) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  --------------------------------------- PAINS AND ANXIETY Workshop in Granada (Spain 29-30th october 2016 I want to tell you my experience with PVH: I have had many years with emotional problems, sometimes better and sometimes worse, years ago I had a crisis that I touched bottom, there began my journey to know me better, I started to make therapies of all kinds, I got to do Reiki teacher and it was a stage full of wisdom, but my discomforts with less intensity lasted ... with the bach flowers I felt great relief, but after leaving them the discomfort returned, this generated me personal problems of self-esteem, continuous family dissatisfaction etc. .. come to pranic healing thanks to my friend Maria Jose in which I have always trusted, I knew that I put myself in good hands. Well, after following his indications and as if by magic, everything has changed in my life, I feel like being released from something that I did not know exactly since I was in my subconscious, I have done psychoanalysis therapies and I know well where I was walking, but I could not get rid of that emotion, and as I said before I feel a sense of gratitude to life, I feel more stable emotionally, with more inner strength. and it is as if I had taken some anxiolytic, everything Is harmonious and what is chaos I do not analyze it, I let life pass, flowing with, before I could not do this, I always put myself before everything generating anguish, I have prioritized in life, I give absolute value to the experiences Everyday and I can enjoy them. In conclusion, this experience is a relief, is like walking through life lightly. Many thanks to those who have cleaned me and guided me. Thank you thank you thank you. Mrs. Raquel Cadiz (Spain) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Eliminacion de entidades y elevacion de almas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tlapa de Comonfort, Estado de Guerrero, Mexico  13 noviembre 2014                                                                Hola, mi nombre es Jose Luis C.G soy de México, hace tiempo que vengo sintiendo que me están chupando la energía, todos los días me siento sin energía, en las noches antes de dormir percibo una presencia a mi lado, siento que se me pego algún espíritu o desencarnado, encontré su pagina en internet y leí toda la información acerca de la sanación pranica, leí que pueden ayudar a distancia y que con la técnica se pueden hacer limpieza de energías negativas y me estaría muy agradecido que me ayudaran a distancia  o que me canalicen con alguien que haga este trabajo, si les pido esto es porque no tengo la menor idea de que hacer, ni con quien ir,  y no quiero ir con curanderos ni rezanderos ni esas cosas ni quiero contratar servicios de espiritistas y que las cosas empeoren. Gracias por su comprensión, Saludos para ustedes.                                                                                                                    14 noviembre 2014

Hola Jose Luis,

La Sanacion Pranica Violeta se puede hacer a distancia pero tu tienes que querer ser sanado y pedir perdón. Al pedir perdón deshaces los origenes de los bloqueos energéticos que hacen que la energía de tu cuerpo no fluya correctamente y te debilita. Al estar mas débil puedes tener dolores en las zonas con bloqueos energéticos, incluso enfermedades, y además se pueden pegar almas y entidades a tu aura. Tu tienes tres almas pegadas y una entidad, por eso notas esa presencia. Sanacion Pranica Violeta no hace ningun tipo de ritual, el Maestro Siva elevara las almas que llevas pegadas y disolvera la entidad. 

Para poder ayudarte, primero tienes que leer todas las afirmaciones de perdón que puedes ver y descargarte en este link http://www.sanacionpranicavioleta.com/index.php/afirmaciones/afirmaciones-de-perdon

Tienen que ser estas afirmaciones de perdon, no sirven otras; cuando hayas leido todas las afirmaciones tres veces al dia, durante 7 dias, entonces puedes enviarme una foto que remitiremos al Maestro Siva, para que eleve las almas que llevas pegadas y la que hay en tu casa para que estés bien. 

Notaras que al leer las afirmaciones empiezan a desaparecer bloqueos y la energía empieza a fluir, tu cuerpo empezara a liberarse, como tienes esas almas pegadas, si no les gusta,  quizás te encuentres mal o te pase alguna cosa rara, si es así, te rogamos nos envies tu foto lo antes posible para acelerar el proceso de elevación de almas y que no te dañen.

Un abrazo de Luz



                      23 noviembre 2014                                                                                                                                                                Hola soy Jose Luis, he estado recitando las afirmaciones de perdón por las personas que me están haciendo o me mandaron hacer magia negra y por mi, pero no me siento nada bien los ataques están aumentando durante el día y la noche estas cosas están tratando de ocupar mi cuerpo, espero no sonar como si me estuviera quejando a cada rato pero  esta situación y lo que me están haciendo no es nada nada agradable. Saludos.                                                                                                                                                                                          24 noviembre 2014

Hola Jose Luis, el Maestro Siva te ha quitado la magia negra y lo que llevabas pegado, dime por favor como te encuentras ahora

Un abrazo de luz



          25 noviembre 2014

Si es verdad lo hizo de hecho hasta soñé con el, y si me siento mejor me siento libre me siento liberado,  estoy muy contento, desde ayer sonrió más, estoy de buen ánimo, me siento feliz siento que he vuelto a ser el mismo, mi sonrisa mi mirada todo tan natural muchas gracias Laura todo esta alegría es gracias  a ustedes y al Maestro Siva hacen un trabajo maravilloso, solo hay una cosa y es que siento un hormigueo en la parte izquierda de mi espalda y cerca del cuello que es  en donde sentía pegadas esas cosas siento que quedaron muy sensibles es como si mi cuerpo me dijera "oyes aquí antes había algo", si me pasan otras cosas extrañas ustedes me pueden asistir de nuevo?  cuando van a venir a México o ya han venido? bueno espero que en algún momento vengan a México, por lo mientras que Dios y sus ángeles los acompañen en su servicio de amor a la humanidad a donde quiera que vayan.


Gracias Jose Luis por permitir que te ayudemos. Como estabas bloqueado es normal que te sientas diferente, ahora la energía puede circular correctamente. Te recomendamos que sigas leyendo las afirmaciones de perdon para evitar nuevos bloqueos y las afirmaciones para aumentar la energía espiritual, ya que recibiras mucha Luz Divina.

Un abrazo de Luz





Hola buenas tardes soy Jose Luis el joven de México que ayudaron hace tiempo atrás, les doy las gracias nuevamente, desde que recibí su ayuda y la del  Maestro Siva  mi vida ha mejorado bastante tengo un nuevo trabajo, el amor y la sinceridad hacia mi mismo  se abren cada día mas, me he acercado mas a mi familia y amigos que antes los creía distantes y muchas otras cosas, se los gradezco mucho.

hasta hora tuve oportunidad de leer su pagina en internet encontré mi testimonio, estoy de acuerdo  que este ahí para que otras personas lo lean y  sepan lo bueno que hacen ustedes por los demás, solo les quiero pedir que si porfavor pueden omitir mis datos personales; mi correo electrónico, mis apellidos y mi lugar de origen, dejando mi nombre de pila y mi país, esto por cuestiones personales, de todo lo demás estoy de acuerdo. 

Un abrazo para ustedes.

 PUEDE ENVIAR SU TESTIMONIO A:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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